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Welcome to Web Call!

Web Call offers a free video calling service that allows anyone to easily create a free online video call without registration.

If you are looking for a simple way to contact friends and family through video chat, Web Call offers a service that you will find extremely useful! You can connect to anyone in the world and hold a video chat 24/7 for free. No registration, no app to install and no software to download makes Web Call the easiest solution for free online video calls.

It’s Really Easy to Make a Web Call!

You can create unlimited web calls using video and text chat with the click of a button. We want to make things as simple as possible for people to be able to communicate hassle free with family and friends online. Simply press the “Web Call” button and a unique link will be generated, share that with your family and friends to hold a video web call for up to 10 members at a time. Only the people you share this unique link with can enter the web call.

Private and Secure Web Calls.

There are many apps and services available online, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and Facebook messenger, however, each one requires an app install or downloading software that constantly updates. Your data and privacy is also made available for certain companies to harvest and sell or use to target advertising to your device. We don’t ask for any of your personal data, no email, no name, no address, no phone number and no credit card. You remain completely anonymous on our website when making a web call.

Our service runs over SSL and uses peer to peer WebRTC technology, connecting each web call browser to browser, absolutely nothing is stored on our servers. When using our web call service, you are safe and secure and each call you make is completely private.

Why is Web Call Free?

Our service doesn’t use high end media servers, there is no need for this. We operate a simple website with simple software that connects chatters to each other browser to browser. Any resource usage is solely are website pages loading up in a browser as with any other website. Web calls use the end users device resources, internet connectivity and browser.

We may show third party advertising on our site that will help pay for our hosting costs. Please read our privacy policy here.

Free Unlimited Worldwide Web Calls